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Japan’s top COVID-19 adviser wants more doctors to tackle crisis

Shigeru Omi speaks during a news conference at the Cabinet Office on Aug. 12. | KYODO
Japan’s top COVID-19 adviser asked the central and local governments on Sunday to urge medical practitioners who have not been treating coronavirus patients to help tackle the rapid spread of infections.

“We hope they will be involved as much as possible. We want the state and local governments to make strong requests,” Shigeru Omi, head of a government advisory panel on COVID-19 response, said on a television program.

He also called on authorities to go further than simply discussing the option of setting up emergency medical facilities to deal with COVID-19 patients and start working toward bringing them online.

On the same program, economic revitalization minister Yasutoshi Nishimura, who is leading Japan’s coronavirus response, suggested that the government may enact stricter measures against infection, such as issuing business suspension requests.

“We took strong measures in spring last year and April and May this year. We need to consider (such steps) as an option,” Nishimura said.

The National Governors’ Association has proposed expanding the coronavirus state of emergency and pre-emergency measures nationwide.

On that proposal, Nishimura said the government will consider its response.

Source: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/

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